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32B to 32D Implants: How To Choose Implant Size

32B to 32D Implants

Many women looking for 32B to 32D implants will learn quickly that choosing a breast implant size is not as easy as it appears. The sizes, shapes, and profiles of both silicone implants and saline are as different as the shapes of each humany body. As a result there simply is no such thing as 32B to 32D implants. In reality, breast implants are sized in terms of cubic centimeters such as 300cc, 400cc, 500cc and so on. The resulting impact of each breast implant size on your own body can only be predicted well through the use of breast implant sizers.

32B to 32D Implants Sizers

The concept of breast implant sizers has been around for more than a decade. While in the early days of breast augmentation these sizers were limited to use in the consultation room with a plastic surgeon, today there are a few systems available that allow you to try out the sizers at home. These sizers can have a major impact on your decision making since it is the only way for you to experience various breast sizes three-dimensionally on your own body. It is a far better way to choose than using before and after photos.

32B to 32D Implants Before and After Photos

It is interesting and compelling to research your potential new breast size by using before and after photos on the internet. In many cases these photos will be categorized in by cup sizes such as 32B to 32D implants. With some thorough research you might even find before and after photos of a few women who are of the same age and body type as your own which might help you decide, at least visually, about how a certain implant size might impact your body. The problem with photos is that they are two-dimensional and subject to distortion so they should only be used as a very general guide as to what implant size you may want to choose. This is especially true of photos on the internet which can be distorted additionally through various screen sizes and web browsers.

32B to 32D Implant Sizes

When you are looking to purchase some implant sizers for this size you will want to look for sizers in the range of 250CC to 350CC in order to achieve a breast augmentation of 32B to 32D. Using this as a gauge you might find that 250CC makes you a small C cup, 300cc a medium C cup, and 350CC a full C cup. However, I cannot stress enough that since each body is unique, different implant sizers may achieve different results for you. The best way is to buy a few different sizes and then try each set out over a period of a few days or a few weeks.

Breast Implant Sizing Systems

The earliest systems tried to emulate the look of a breast implant and therefore are created with a plastic shell filled with water. The sizers are similar in volume and size to that of an actual breast implant. Women learned early on however that while these systems were sufficiently helpful to stand in front of a mirror in the comfort of home, the rippling of the plastic could easily be seen through their clothing. More recent systems are aimed at looking natural and designed to be worn comfortably. This step is an important one in the industry since it allows you to literally experience the differences between various sizes around a 32D cup to help you make your final decision.

Take Before And After Photos Of Your Own 32B to 32D Implants

One way to help you make your implant size decision is to take before and after photos of yourself wearing these different implant sizers. This is not only a fun exercise, but it can be helpful to bring these photos to your plastic surgeon to help communicate what you want your results to be. Some surgeons even use these photos while in the operating room so they can more adequately remember what your ultimate goal size can be. This is best achieved through the use of breast implant sizers.

Breast Implant Patient Satisfaction

While most women report that they are very happy with the fact they underwent breast augmentation, the most common reason for dissatisfaction is actually about breast implant size. The number one reason for going back for another surgery is simply to change the size of the implants. If you are planning on 32B to 32D implants, buy the best breast implant sizing system available to choose the right size the first time. Ensure your satisfaction by experiencing various sizes before your surgery.

Are 32B to 32D Implants Right For You?

Considering the costs, complications and risks of breast augmentation surgery, this decision is a critical one. After the surgery, increasing or decreasing your implant size is expensive and requires another surgery, completely with the same risks. After the surgery, increasing or decreasing your implant size is expensive and requires another surgery, completely with the same risks. Do not settle for simple before and after photos of 32B to 32D implants or the primitive tests known as the rice test or water baggie test. Take control over this decision and try on various sizes to make sure you are going to feel comfortable with your new breast size.

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