Thursday, July 9, 2009

34C Breast Implants: Get The Right Implant Size

34C breast implants are one of the most common sizes in breast augmentation.  The C cup proportion has long been considered an ideal breast size, though more women each year have been leaning towards D cup or even larger than 34C breast implants.  The decision about what breast implant size, or ultimately what bra cup size is right for you is a difficult one for many women who are considering breast augmentation.  Whether you are getting silicone implants or saline implants you will want to experiment with a few different sizes before you choose your final size.

34C Breast Implants:  What Implant Sizes Do You Need?

If you are currently a 34 band size with a cup size of AA, A, or B but want to get 34C breast implants there are many factors to consider.  You and your doctor will be discussing not only the breast implant sizes required but the implant profiles and placement as well to achieve a perfect C cup breast.

Beginning with your current bra size we can estimate your breast implant size through the use of breast implant sizers.  For example, to get to 34C from a cup size of AA, you might need breast implants around 250cc to 350cc.  You should consider getting breast implant sizers of perhaps 250cc, 300cc, and 350cc and decide which size will be your 34C breast implants.

Each cup size larger, such as A or B will require smaller breast implant sizers.  So, for example if you are currently an A cup, you will need sizers of 225cc, 275cc, and 325cc in order to estimate appropriate.  For the current B cup, you would want to try 200cc, 250cc, and 300cc.

All of these estimations of breast implant sizes and more can be found using the breast implant size calculator from The Purlz Breast Sizing System.


34C Breast Implants:  Before and After Photos Using Sizers

One of the advantages of the Purlz Breast Sizing System is that they look like a natural breast when worn within a bra.  Unlike other gel sizers or water based systems, Purlz are more like bra pads designed in comparable size and dimension to the breast size resulting from an implant.  In other words if you want 34C breast implants you would buy the system with a few different sizes as mentioned above.  Try each set for a few days, wear them around all day and evening to see which size is best for you.

I even suggest that you take before and after photos of yourself wearing 34C breast implants so that you can not only feel and experience your new breast size, but so that you can see what you’ll look like.  The more you use the system while experiencing different situations the better you will be able to decide precisely what size is right for you.

Purlz are extremely comfortable—you will forget you’re even wearing them.  They are made of a soft microfiber fabric shell filled with very small plastic beads.  When you pick them up they actually feel sort of squishy, but because of their design they are porous so they are cool and comfortable.

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